Donate to help us accomplish our mission

Please join our efforts to prevent PTSD by donating to the FCTRN. Your donation will help defray the cost of:

  • Free training to First Responder organizations
  • Specialty training to clinicians to ensure that they are providing the highest quality services
  • Quick response to provide early intervention trauma treatment after local area disasters and traumatic events.

Thank you! 2011 – 2018 with the help of our contributors and volunteers we provided:

  • Free training sessions for 14 First Responder organizations, for a total of 77 workshops
  • Support for spouses of First Responders
  • 3 fast responses to local disasters
  • 6 free or reduced-fee training sessions to clinicians through FCTRN and our parent organization HAP.

Want to Donate to the FCTRN?

Please contact Dawn Roy 203-331-7458 or Jane Kistler 203-644-0332